Save the Dolphins and Whales...One Planet !

What are the threats that marine mammals deal with?

  • Plastic ingestion is causing an extrapolation of unnecessary deaths.
  • Unsustainable overfishing – Cetaceans, especially whales that need to eat a large quantity of fish, are not finding enough food thus are being malnutritioned and are in danger of perishing.
  • Naval drills, oil drilling and seismic blasting.
  • Countries such as Japan, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway are still persisting on hunting whales and dolphins.
  • Dolphins, seals and Orcas are captured for captivity in dolphin parks.
  • Fishing net entanglements or caught as bycatch in nets.

Plastic Pollution

8 MILLION TONS of plastic goes into our ocean every year !

Did you know that if you throw an empty plastic bottle or any type of light litter on the streets, big chances are it will eventually end up in the sea?

Wind plays a big part in this, especially with hurricane or gale force wi nds.

What is the danger?

Plastic cannot bio-degrade, it just breaks down into smaller pieces called ‘microplastics’ which are less than 5mm large and invisible to the naked eye. 

Plankton and fish absorb these microplastics and chemical pollutants in the sea, bioaccumulating them and concentrating them more in the different levels of the food chain, which finally affects us as we are on top of this chain! Plastics are therefore poisoning our food chain.

The other issue is the immediate impact this is creating to marine life. Seabirds, cetaceans, sea turtles and other marine creatures, are being exposed to various types of plastics and die from choking, starvation or intestinal blockage. In fact whale strandings on beaches have become more common as biopsies reveal deaths caused by ingestion of large amounts of plastic bags.


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