Save the Dolphins and Whales...One Planet!

Mission Sea is a voluntary organisation that has been created to raise awareness and provide scientific based information regarding the related issues listed below: 

1) The well being and the life journey of captive dolphins.

2) The depletion of cetacean population.

3) The environmental impacts that our future generations will have to face if cetaceans where to become locally or globally extinct.

Mission - Save the Dolphin

This image looks appealing, right? I'm sure that if you have not already been there you might be considering to take your family to one of these shows.

Unfortunately the reality is another......Welcome to the REAL world of these dolphins.

Please be aware that certain parts of these clips might be disturbing to some viewers, however this is necessary to understand what dolphins have to endure !

The clips below are a quick overview of what the 'Mission Sea' will reveal through the extensive work done by all the non-profit organisations.


The Guilty Parties

Below are the countries involved in the highest rates of dolphin and whale atrocities or the ones keeping many in captivity.
 (please click on respective flags for details)

Empty The Tanks

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